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Owning a treatment center can be both a frustrating and rewarding experience. You need to keep your beds full but you also need to follow both ethical and legal procedures. You rely on Business Outreach Developers to secure new business, Call Center and Admissions Teams to convert calls into clients, and your clinical staff to block any client from leaving too soon.  These staff are generally untrained individuals with field experience and the entire company rests on this process going smoothly and keeping your beds full.

Add in the other major hurdle which is the purpose of treatment is to get your client sober so they do not return and you are constantly seeking new leads and new client conversions. The human side of addiction and mental health treatment conflicts with the business side of the industry. It is a delicate balance that needs to be nurtured and usually is not in the right balance. You have empty beds, too many inappropriate clients for your facility, clients that never make it to admissions, clients that leave early and create a domino effect of AMA’s.

We have the solutions you need and can deliver in a proven and timely manner.

Until now there have not been any solid training programs to help treatment center staff in these areas. Marketing has been limited to raw calls, SEO and paid ads with Business Outreach on the ground to send clients into the center. Now the Patient ‘body’ brokering laws are in effect, Google has changed their paid Adwords platform and treatment centers are scrambling to get solid leads to convert into clients.

We have solutions for you.

From startup treatment centers to seasoned, established treatment centers we can handle assisting you in making your treatment center or behavioral health facility profitable, while keeping the center focus on the client. From marketing to navigating accreditation to clinical programming, we can help. We can even train the entire staff on how to do an intervention or block clients from leaving. We are able to get your call center to convert leads to clients and streamline your marketers.

We have so much more…read on.

We will use our best efforts and act in all respects as a Consultant to reduce costs, generate more revenue, attract business, gain new relationships, use our creative efforts and consult to implement new, more efficient ideas for the purpose of better clinical aspects, HR, utilization review, operating procedures, billing procedures, staff development and training, client retention (reduction in AMA, APA), staff retention, ROI, and marketing. We will use our best efforts to promote, represent and take whatever steps are deemed ethically appropriate to perform your start-up, facilitate the promotion, brand, and expand the name recognition of your organization and its services.

As a total treatment center Consultant, we will set-up, or evaluate your entire infrastructure of your organization. Call today. 1.800.706.0318