Most Treatment Centers lack a solid Alumni Program. Alumni are a treatment center’s key to referrals, continued sober clients and solid standard of proof that the program is effective.  Yet, most treatment centers lack a solid Alumni Program where the clients can stay attached to the center, plug into it and even refer new clients.

Our Alumni Program Feature will allow you to create a solid platform to keep your clients sober, plug them into your center post treatment and allow for a steady stream of referrals to keep your center going with minimal marketing budget.

It works like this: The Addictions Academy will come in and train your clients on Basic Intervention Skills 101. We offer a 2 day web (live virtual classroom)  or a 3 day LIVE in person hands on class for your entire group. We then plug them into our system and track them for 6 months to assist with keeping them sober and in touch with you. If they relapse we help facilitate a return to your treatment center.

If they are remaining sober we assist them with more training along the way, put them in our networking groups and assist them with client referrals to  your facility. This is a new progressive way of doing business, as it is multifaceted.

Value of this Feature:

  • Clients are plugged in past treatment for easy tracking.
  • Your center offers an actual education,  not just treatment but a skill they can use as real employment upon leaving. So may people fail after treatment because they have no real skill or can’t return to the old job. This gives them a good solid career path and it is just the beginning for them, as they will be able to access our full Academy of Accredited classes.
  • Clients will stay sober longer when they are helping others get and stay sober.
  • Clients will refer new clients to your facility (no cost, free marketing), saving you and the treatment center money in marketing dollars.
  • Your success rates go up as you will have more successful Alumni.
  • You will be on the cutting edge of the Treatment Paradigm shift.