Is your practice or treatment center not generating enough revenue? Could you use more revenue? A lot of treatment enter managers and owners assume that more clients = more revenue. This is not the case and it is an old way of looking at the profit and loss margins.   One client can provide multiple streams of income and if they are only offered one service (say 28 day stay) or leave early the company is losing money. We analyze your structure from the initial contact to the exit,  and offer solutions to  increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

If  you are spending a lot of money on pay per click advertising, Marketers, Business Developers and Out Reach Representatives and not getting a lot of quality leads that convert to clients you need Rehab Rescue and our sister company, The Addictions Academy.

Have you analyzed the following issues:

PROBLEM: Calls not coming in: is my marketing working?

SOLUTION: We offer a full marketing platform to access our 66,000 email lead base (interventionists, recovery coaches, counselors, therapists, LMHC, LMFT, LCSW, doctors, attorneys and more) and over 100,00 reach on social media. We can even introduce you to our trained interventionists and coaches that will refer you business. Over 2500 trained in under four years! That’s more than most of our competitors combined. Wouldn’t it be nice to have trained, certified interventionists, therapists and coaches actually sending you clients that FIT your treatment center model? We can offer you private introductions to certified trained professionals that will refer you business. We can hand out your materials, promote your logo, website and make actual introductions to professionals to gain qualified referrals to your practice.

PROBLEM: Direct marketing to certified and professional individuals for a steady stream of referrals can be costly and ads have to be placed and seen 5x before they will call you to discuss potential referrals streams.

SOLUTION:  We have 40 classes, 20 teachers and train 30-50 people per month. One ad in our manuals will be seen repetitively by a large number of trained professionals. We will also announce you in each class to each student.  LIMITED NUMBER OF ADS AVAILABLE.  We can also offer ad space on our website.

PROBLEM: Calls coming into the call center but not the right clients: is my target market off or my marketing team not trained properly?

SOLUTION: We train the Out Reach Representatives, Marketers and Business Developers to meet quota, criteria and keep their pipeline full. We have a proven training solution to increase their volume and your revenue. We can train them by Webinar, Live in Miami or Live at your facility. We can also monitor and consult to ensure they are meeting criteria.  

PROBLEM: Calls coming into the call center but not getting closed and sent to the facility: am I relying on untrained staff with little clean time to close deals ‘because they were once a client here?’

SOLUTION: We can train the entire admissions team to convert the call to a client that walks through the door. We can also train the staff to refer out to build relationships with other places for a referral system.

PROBLEM: Clients leaving early: is my AMA/APA (leaving against medical or professional advice) rate too high?

SOLUTION: We can train your techs, therapists and other staff to successfully block the person from leaving using our crisis intervention techniques. This will ensure you are not losing clients, lowering your AMA/APA rate which can ruin your relationship with paying insurance companies.

PROBLEM: High turn over of staff: (am I constantly hiring and retraining staff? This can cost up to $40,000 per new hire. In this industry the turn over is very high), can I afford to pay all that money on new staff?

SOLUTION: We can hire and train the staff on marketing. We can even lease trained employees for you or monitor the staff you have to ensure they are closing on a successful basis.

PROBLEM: My competitor treatment center offers incentives for clients that would make them want to go to that facility.

SOLUTION: We can train your clients in intervention or coaching so when they  leave they will actually have a career path. We can train them by web or LIVE at your facility and monitor them by offering weekly supervision and that keeps them sober and plugged in. They will then be able to refer you clients as their careers progress. This gives you an incentive that no treatment centers (except the ones we have trained) are offering.

PROBLEM: You only offer treatment services that insurance covers and could be offering more billable hours that will generate more revenue and increase the sobriety rate for one the clients leave, thus increasing your success rate.

SOLUTION: We can train your staff in additional billable hours in the following classes: Recovery Coaching I and II, Family Coaching, Intervention, Relapse Prevention, Gambling Addiction Coaching, Food Addiction Coaching, Life Coaching, Certified Counselor Training, International Master Addiction Coach Training, training in these classes will generate more revenue AND assist the client in staying sober longer, thus increasing your treatment center success rates.

We can assist you with these questions, train the staff and help you increase your ROI.


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