Business Developer Marketing Training

offering for handshakeMarketing of your drug and alcohol treatment center, PHP, IOP, detox, halfway house, sober living, or even independent practice can be daunting. You rely on professionals to make contacts in the industry and bring in new clients to keep your facility full. Do you train those individuals? Probably not. You rely on their expertise to bring you new business and they seem to be marketing to each other and other treatment centers. Are you getting enough business?

Until now there has been no real training program for the business development side of this industry to ensure you that your marketing team is trained and able to perform the tasks necessary to keep your center running. The Addictions Academy and Rehab Rescue has created  a comprehensive Business Developer and Marketer Training program to assist your staff in increasing their closing ratio and filling their pipeline. In our class, we cover website, social media presence, guerilla marketing, contracts, B2B marketing and even word of mouth referrals. We help you build YOUR unique brand and find your niche in this market. Whether you are just starting out in your business, or have a seasoned team, we will assist if you want to garner new clients, we cover the steps to take to get new business and keep new business coming in the door.

As a Treatment Center, you mastered the skills to start your practice, and provide a great clinical service. The missing component to fill your appointment calendar is marketing those services.  There are vast amount of ways to market your services that include networking, social media, PR, e-mail mail, direct mail, website, print and the list goes on.  This course will cover an overview of marketing for the Addictions and Behavioral Health fields by a marketing professional that has extensive experience in both marketing  in the addictions and behavioral health fields. We will show you what works, doesn’t work, and what will give you the best ROI (return on your investment).  Our comprehensive training will provide you with many proven tools to market your private practice or treatment center.  In this course, you will get a clear understanding of basic marketing principles and will be provided worksheets and homework to develop your own personal marketing plan.

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The main ingredient to successful marketing is to keep feeding your referral funnel, and that begins with you.  Your day is filled with appointments, administrative functions, and day to day operating tasks, billing, collections, and much more.  The idea of marketing can make you feel stressed, unmotivated or overwhelmed.  You will learn many ways to save time and effort on marketing and even have fun doing it! You will get an understanding of the internet and the role it will play in your practice.  An overview of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and how to gain rankings in organic and paid searches, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), the value of optimized keywords, and useful backlinks for your website will be explored.  We will cover social media, blogging and aggregating content to drive traffic to your website.  You will learn about bulk email providers and how to successfully market to professionals and alumni.

Professional Value of Course:

*Develop a marketing plan (one included)

*Target your audience

*Learn tips and tricks on social media, Linkedin, Facebook and others

*Learn how to connect with resources you didn’t know you had

*Understanding Guerrilla Marketing

*Learn how to create your referral funnel and keep it fed

*Contract samples

*How to streamline for success

*Finding your niche market

*Understanding your competition

*Website Design Discount Services

*Lead Generation

*and more.

This class is a must for anyone in the mental health, behavioral health or substance abuse fields.

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